Unapologetic Desire

For centuries, we have been told to settle for less; to ignore our own desires; to tone down our expectations

But enough is enough!

It’s time to get bold about your own desires - without freaking out your brain, or feeling at risk of pain or disappointment

Your desires MATTER

Your deepest, most unapologetic desires are clues to who you came here to be, and what you came here to do.


If you’re anything less than 100% delighted with your life, that means you want something to be different.


But if you’ve been living as a human in our culture for more than a dozen years, your brain has acquired some big barriers to knowing exactly what that thing is.


This DIY program will walk you through all the things you need, so you will never again be left saying ‘but I don’t know what I really want!

Welcome to the realm of Venus


Goddess of DESIRE


Your most potent ally, when it comes to the art of knowing what you want
(what you really REALLY want!)



This is for you if:

  • you know you want something, but you can NOT figure out what it is

  • you learned to hide or bury or deny your true desires because 'nice people aren't demanding' or ‘good girls don’t make a fuss’ or ‘big boys don’t cry’

  • you're waaaaay better at putting everyone else's needs first ALL the time

  • you get excited by every brand new shiny object you see on Facebook and MUST HAVE IT NOW

  • you have an old, unfulfilled desire that hurts too much to think about

  • not knowing what you want is making you miserable and anxious OR it’s making you numb

  • you see what someone else has and start chasing that, instead of the thing you KNEW you wanted five minutes ago

  • your bestie gets the thing you've been wanting for years, and you can't even look her in the eye for jealousy and anguish

  • you can't risk having a strong desire, because you know you couldn't handle the pain of disappointment if you didn’t get it

  • you cannot ever reveal your true desires, even to yourself, because OMG what would people think???

This is NOT for you if:

  • you always know what you want - you're just struggling to make it happen (you might prefer to consider this option)

  • when you have a new desire, it’s always fun and delightful and never provokes anxiety, avoidance, wistfulness or angst (yay you!)

  • when you have a new desire, generally speaking you don’t get distracted or overwhelmed by the next shiny object on your radar

  • you have wanted things and not got them, and that genuinely doesn’t bother you

  • you know you can trust yourself to want something without feeling like an entitled arsehole

  • you’re currently dealing with intense loss or grief (this WILL be right for you at some stage, but for now it’s more important to honour your current experience - meanwhile this might help)

  • If you’re clear on what you want but having trouble fulfilling your desires, stay tuned for something I’m releasing in 2022 - or make the bold decision to get some help right now.

Course Outline

Powerful core content, with bonus resources


  • Four core lessons (do a lesson per week, or take more time - it's your choice)
  • Activities you will actually enjoy doing (!!)
  • Special meditation track created for this work
  • Special guidelines on how to activate the Venus energy for this work
  • Bonus optional strategies to support the core work
  • Zero complicated esoteric jargon 
  • Strategic, sequential, brain-changing work designed for YOU

Week 1

Desire and Venus

What is desire? How does Venus help with it? [hint: she is NOT selfless, and she also doesn’t do any of the running around]. 


This section explores exactly how desire works, why Venus is such a potent ally, and how to create a simple, tailormade practice so you can invite the power of your Venus into this specific work.

Week 2

Rekindling the romance

Your ability to desire has been muffled and perhaps even silenced for so long, it might even feel like you can’t hear her voice at all.


This section is like  couples counselling for you, and your own 'spirit of desire' - that part of you which does already know exactly what you truly want. It's time to rekindle that romance!

Week 3

Making the list

Making an Unapologetic Desire List sounds like it should be easy - but most of us struggle to get past ten or twenty.


In this section, you learn to articulate ALL your desires, without hesitation - because when you can tell them to YOU, it's waaaaay easier to decide what to tell to everyone else.

Week 4

Becoming the expert

Having a clean and healthy relationship with desire is the first step. How are you going to maintain that relationship, in a world which keeps telling you it's not okay to want what you want?


This section helps you create a practice to keep that relationship glowing, and BECOME the expert in your own desires. BOOM!


Unapologetic Desire

Instant access to this powerful journey

  • Powerful content to help you transform your relationship with your ability to desire

  • Unique downloadable resources designed to support you at each step of the journey

  • Bonus extras for when you need a little extra support along the way

  • Long-term access because you may want to revisit this work in the future (since human growth works that way)

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Joy is your birthright


Your soul’s purpose, minus toxic shitty thought habits, equals deep resonant joy.
Time for you to claim it


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I welcome and embrace all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender expression, range of abilities and gifts, class, wealth, veteran status, former incarceration status, trauma experiences, spiritual beliefs or age.


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