Dream Team

For when you want to HAVE it all, without having to DO it all


Learn this skill once, and apply it to multiple areas of life

Personal responsibility is empowering, for sure.


But in our culture, it comes at a cost.


It can feel like you're carrying the burden of responsibility for EVERY SINGLE THING.


Every experience. Every moving part. Every puzzle piece. Every result.


What if it can be both empowering AND light?


What if you can get help with ALL of it?

Why NP Dream Team?

Non-physical = cosmic, invisible, mystical, intangible, ineffable, spiritual, magical (AND this works even if you haven't a clue about any of that - or even if you don't really believe in it)


Dream Team = the support team perfectly designed to support you and your dreams in the most seamless, right-for-you ways imaginable (because it is designed that way from the ground up)


Why this works

We all tend to try and take responsibility for every particle of every result, including the pieces we cannot control (eg other people's decisions), and that feeling of having to do it ALL is overwhelming. This process alleviates the pressure AND gives you instant help. #WinWin


Who's on team

It's a gathering of non-physical entities, appointed by you to match exactly what you need, each one utterly in love with their specific role in the team, all working seamlessly to achieve the outcomes you crave. 


How it works

Unlike hiring and managing a human support team, every entity which comes at your invitation is the perfect match for your project, adores their work, does not require any kind of micro-managing, and joyfully accepts 'remuneration' which is EASY for you to provide


What it's for

You can literally create a team for ANY project, long or short. For example, I have a Joyfully Thriving Business Committee with 22 'staff' on board. You bring along a project or initiative that's creating a ton of pressure, and create the team to suit. By the end of the workshop, you'll have your first draft team agreement on track.

This is both science AND magic.

When your brain knows you have support, it instantly lightens the cognitive load and reduces stress, freeing you up for way more creativity and fun.


When your brain lets go of the drive to control every tiny uncontrollable detail, it relaxes and frees you up for more inspiration and more joy.


And when you invite in non-physical help, you instantly have the exact right team you need, at a price you can easily pay.


With this process, all of that is built in from the very start.


You don't have to get into weird-ass, out-there woo, in order to get non-physical assistance on board. 


No spell-casting, prayer, meditation or dancing naked under the Moon is required (though if those things light you up, of course you get to add them for fun!)


No previous knowledge of any particular spiritual or religious system is required.


And if you have a practice or faith you love, this will fit right in (because you get to design it the way you want).


With this workshop you'll learn the three basic steps to appoint the exact right team for your needs - including how to create such an attractive 'remuneration package', they will be clamouring to get on board.

This is for you if:

  • you have something you want to achieve but it feels exhausting to try and figure out all the moving parts

  • you have perfectionist / productivity addiction which just. won't. shift.

  • you love doing thought work to get results, but sometimes it feels like there is SO MUCH to be done

  • you want to get help, but you don't have cash to splash on a physical team (or the energy to manage them)

  • you'd love a human team and you have plenty of $$$ but it's Too Much Work

  • you have a FABULOUS human team already, but you still feel overwhelmed by having to figure out every moving piece

  • you'd love to get more support but you don't know who to ask, how to manage them, or even how much to pay

  • you're ready to play with a whole new approach to getting support for your genius in the world

  • you have an event coming up (a wedding, a book launch, a baby due in the family) and it's freaking you out

  • you love your job or your business, but you resent the high stress levels which seem to come along with it

  • you feel like you're drowning under the weight of being responsible for your own experiences and results

  • you feel like you've been made responsible for everyone else's results too and that drives you nuts

  • you're close to quitting That Thing You Love, because it's all just too much

  • you're wary of doing something as weird as appointing a team of Non-Physical helpers (seriously, it's 90 minutes and 25 bucks - you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot - and I promise it can be as not-weird as you want!)

  • you haaaaaate rituals (not a problem!)

  • you LOVE rituals but don't have time for them (also not a problem!)

  • asking for help is WAAAAY outside your comfort zone (this is literally the easiest way to start the process)

  • receiving help has always felt super uncomfortable (this is like receiving for beginners - it's so much easier!)

  • and (my favourite) the idea of attending a 90 minute workshop makes you go GAAAAAHHHH I'M TOO BUSY!! because you have too much to do already (if that's you, you DEFINITELY need this workshop!)

This is NOT for you if:

  • you thrive on having a plate that's more than full and/or

  • you already have all the support you need, from both the physical people around you, and from the non-physical realms

  • you're sailing along in ease and grace all the time (rock on, you starshiner you!)

Workshop Outline

Because I LOVE simple-and-easy

Prep & intro

On signup, you'll get an email with an invitation for some VERY quick prep work. 


In the intro section, we'll set you up to make this process EASY, by helping you relinquish old habits of trying to micromanage everything.

Part 1

We'll explore who would be a GREAT fit for your team, based on both internal and external support you'd like.


This is less task oriented, more 'who do I want to play with?'

Part 2

We get specific about the outcomes you'd like, while making space for the team to figure out amongst themselves who's going to do what.


Think 'handover' process - kinda scary but SOOOO much fun!

Part 3

We figure out what your part of the deal looks like.


In a human team, it would be pay and conditions.


With a NP team, this is soooooo much easier and more fun (AND might just be the best part of the whole thing!)

Secure Order

256BIT – Encryption

NP Dream Team

You get instant access to your seat at the event

  • Unique science-meets-magic approach designed to help you access previously-unavailable levels of peace and relaxation

  • Long-term access to the workshop Zoom recordings, because you will most likely want to revisit this work in the future (once you have one team, it's fun and easy to have more)

Joy is your birthright


Your soul’s purpose, minus toxic shitty thought habits, equals deep resonant joy.
Time for you to claim it


I acknowledge the Wadawarrung people of the Kulin nation as the Traditional Owners of the place where I live and work, and I pay respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and to all Indigenous members of the community.


I welcome and embrace all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender expression, range of abilities and gifts, class, wealth, veteran status, former incarceration status, trauma experiences, spiritual beliefs or age.


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